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Varicose vein

Varicose veins, as well as being a health problem, are also troublesome from an aesthetic point of view, and are a very common complaint.


Our Fotona laser allows us to treat the aesthetically problematic superficial vessels and spider veins until they dissapear, by means of a non-invasive technique over just a few sessions.


It is a simple and pain free process which has excellent aesthetic and wellbeing results, and without resulting in scarring.

Las varices, además de un problema funcional, suponen un problema inestético muy frecuente.

Nuestro láser Fotona nos permite eliminar los vasos estéticamente molestos y más superficiales, las telangiectasias, hasta su desaparición mediante una técnica no invasiva y en pocas sesiones.

Procedimiento sencillo, indoloro con excelentes resultados estéticos, funcionales y sin cicatrices.

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